The Revenue Consultants

Revenue Consultancy Working With Owner-Operated Small- & Medium-Sized Businesses - We turn Facebook users into paying clients.

We know you’re busy and we don’t have long to grab your attention, so here goes…

We will increase your profit by at least £10,000 in eight weeks or you owe us nothing.

What we offer

Many companies use multiple ways of generating revenue.

Our aim is to find the underutilized assets in your sales processes in order to increase your revenue.

What does this mean?

Lets say a sales process is a Facebook advert that aims to sell a widget.
Logical progression is thus:

  1. Facebook shows advert
  2. Facebook visitor sees advert and clicks link in advert
  3. Visitor is taken to the product’s landing page on your website
  4. Visitor adds product to basket
  5. Visitor goes to checkout
  6. Visitor pays for product

This is how it should work but what happens if it doesn’t?
We look at the numbers at each step and check the Plan Bs for when things do not go as you would like.

What we actually do

1. Check your numbers to see what works and what does not.

2. Check that you have all your Plan Bs in place.

3. Help you to correct the issues we have identified.

Who we work with

As a revenue consultancy, our ideal clients are ALL of the following:

1. Is a successful business owner

A minimum of £150,000 in annual revenue.

2. Wants to grow the business but is currently a bit "stuck"

Often this means you have a number of ideas and may thus be feeling a bit overwhelmed, unsure of how to proceed

3. Loves elegant simplicity when it comes to solving problems

Complicated solutions just lead to more complicated problems later on. Simplicity is the key.

Here’s how to get started.

We work using a program of 8 weekly one-to-one calls of between 45 and 60 minutes each.

Investment is £5,000 + VAT.

Everything starts with an initial free consultation.

This initial telephone consultation is free and consists of a 45 to 60 minute call.  The purpose of this call is to:

  • Find out what you want.  What would like to see be the result of the 8 week program?
  • Find out what you do.  We will already have looked at your website so this is more about what revenue generating processes you have in place.
  • Find out how you are going.  We will break down each of these processes into its component parts and get the numbers for each.

The aim of all this is to find out if we can help you.

Looking at what you do, what your numbers are, what you are not doing and comparing all that to what you want to achieve during the next 8 weeks will let us determine if we can help you.  If we feel we cannot help you we will say so and thank you for your time.  It is not in your interests or ours to take on a client that we cannot help.  If on the other hand we feel we can help you it is up to you to decide if you want us to.  Simple as that.

The actual calls.

At the end of each call you will get one thing to do.  Giving you more than one is counter-productive since you only have a week to the next call plus you are probably very busy already.  The instruction you get will be simple and easy to follow.  Each call will thus cover the results of the previous weeks efforts and the information you need to implement this weeks instruction.

So if you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk.

About Us

Our Story

We started in 2002 and since then have worked with everything from one person businesses to international corporations.  In virtually all cases, our role has been to take new or existing ways of doing things and make them more effective. 

We are very proud of the fact that we have never had a client who did not ask us back to do more work for them at least once.

Meet our lead consultant, Hywel Clark

We are a small consultancy.  We use freelance experts on an ad hoc basis according to need.   We do, however, have one person who has been with us from day one…

“My background is in helping small and medium sized businesses solve their problems.  I have a degree in Accounting and in I.T. and have spent over 20 years helping clients to become more effective and to grow their businesses.  I have worked for one person businesses and multi-office businesses.  I have also worked for corporates including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, De La Rue, Crossrail, Menzies and Deutsche Börse.  In most cases, my job has been to look at how they do things and come up with ways that those tasks can be performed better, cheaper, faster.”